Flag of Wyoming

Flag Wyoming, Banner Wyoming
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United States of America (USA)

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Background knowledge

The flag of Wyoming has a dark blue background bordered in red and separated by a narrower white border. In the center of the flag is a white silhouette of a bison. The bison is depicted because Wyoming is also nicknamed the 'Buffalo State' ('the Buffalo State'). The state seal is depicted on the bison, which appears as if it is branded. In the seal, you see a woman with a staff holding up a banner. The banner reads 'Equal Rights', as Wyoming was one of the first states to call for equal rights for women in the 19th century.

The Wyoming flag was adopted on January 31, 1917. The name Wyoming comes from a Delaware Indian word meaning mountain or valley.

That's what ChatGPT knows about the flag of Wyoming

This is what an AI says about the Wyoming flag
The flag of the state of Wyoming in the country of United States of America (USA) was first adopted in 1917. It consists of a white background with a red circle with a white bison in the center. The bison symbolizes the history of the state. Above it is a blue stripe, which represents the color of the sky, as well as the endless possibilities that the state offers. Below the bison is white lettering that includes the words "Equal Rights," indicating equal rights for the people of Wyoming.
This is what an AI knows about the history of the Wyoming flag
The Wyoming flag was first adopted in 1917 and represents the history of the state. The flag consists of a white background on which the state's coat of arms is depicted. The coat of arms, in turn, depicts a bison, an eagle, a shield, and a rock massif. The colors of the coat of arms symbolize the history and culture of the state. In 1957, the flag was changed to give it a modern look. Since then it has been used unchanged.
This is how an AI describes the Wyoming flag
The flag of the state of Wyoming in the country of United States of America (USA) is blue and has a white shield in the middle. On the shield are a red bison, two white stars and a red ribbon with the words "Equal Rights". The bison represents the wilderness and the stars symbolize the two incorporations of the state of Wyoming into the United States. The red ribbon represents equal rights for all citizens of the state.

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