Flag of South Dakota (South Dakota)

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South Dakota (South Dakota)

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Background knowledge

The flag of South Dakota has a blue background with the seal of the state in the center. On the seal is a landscape and the symbols of industry, agriculture and transportation. In the sky of the landscape is a banner that reads 'Under God the people rule'. Surrounding the image are the yellow rays of the sun, as South Dakota is also known as the Sunshine State. In yellow lettering around the seal is the state motto, which was added in 1992 and is called 'The Mount Rushmore State'. Above the lettering is 'South Dakota'.

The flag was adopted in 1963. North and South Dakota were one territory until 1889 and take their name from the Sioux tribe. Dakota translates as friends or allies.

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This is what an AI says about the South Dakota (South Dakota) flag
The South Dakota state flag is an official flag of the United States and was first used in the 1930s. The flag consists of three evenly spaced stripes colored in blue, white and yellow. On the white stripe is a coat of arms showing a poplar tree, a buffalo and a torch, which is a symbol of freedom. Below that is the date 1889, marking the year South Dakota was admitted to the Union.
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The South Dakota flag was first adopted in 1909. It consists of a blue field with a white shield centered on it. On the shield are a golden sunburst, an arrow, a tomahawk, and a leaf, all of which are symbols for the state's former Native Americans. The flag is a tribute to the Native people and culture of South Dakota.
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The South Dakota state flag is a blue flag with a white cross that stretches across the entire flag. In the center of the cross is a golden sunburst dividing the white stripes of the cross. The upper and lower stripes of the cross are each decorated with a golden star. In addition, on the flag there is a black shield representing a buffalo and a flower. The buffalo symbolizes the native people of the state, while the flower represents the nature and beauty of the state. The South Dakota state flag is thus a symbol of the state's history, culture and nature.

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