Flag of South Carolina (South Carolina)

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United States of America (USA)
South Carolina (South Carolina)

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Background knowledge

The South Carolina flag has a dark blue background with a white crescent in the upper left corner. A white palm tree (Sabal palmetto) is depicted in the center, representing Fort Moultrie, as the fort's foundation was built on palm tree trunks.

The flag was officially adopted on January 28, 1861. North and South Carolina were a colony until 1729 and were named in honor of Charles IX of France, Charles I and Charles II of England. Carolina comes from the Latin word 'Carolinus' and is derived from 'Carolus', which translates as Charles.

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This is what an AI says about the South Carolina (South Carolina) flag
The South Carolina state flag is a symbol of the state's history and patriotism. It was approved by the state's Congress on January 28, 1861, and is one of the oldest flags in the Union. The flag consists of a white background on which the palmettes of the state are depicted, surrounded by a blue circle in which a white cross is placed. The cross symbolizes the independence and heritage of the state. It is believed that the flag is a symbol of solidarity and cohesion of the people of South Carolina.
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The flag of the state of South Carolina was introduced in 1861. It is a modified version of the 1776 flag, showing a palmette and a crescent moon on a blue background. The flag was reinstated in 1861 and is one of the oldest symbols of the USA still in use.
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The flag of South Carolina in the country United States of America is dark blue. It consists of a large white cross in the center, which is the symbol for the Cross of St. Andrew. Around the cross are four smaller white crosses symbolizing the four crusades. In addition, the flag is decorated with a palmette tree and a white crescent moon. The palmetto tree represents the state's forests, while the crescent moon is a symbol of the first European settlers who came to South Carolina.

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