Flag of California

Flag California, Banner California
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United States of America (USA)
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Background knowledge

The flag of California is white. In the lowest part there is a horizontal stripe in red.
The red is to symbolize the border with Mexico. The bear in the center represents a symbol of strength. In the top left corner there is a red five-pointed star which is supposed to represent a single state, alluding to Texas.The flag was adopted in 1911. The California flag first appeared with American settlers in 1846. The 'bear flag' has not been changed since then and stands as a symbol of 'freedom'.

The name California comes from a chivalric Romanesque book in which a queen named Califia ruled over a land of many pearls and gold. In 1535 Cortez's men found an island with many pearls and thought it was the island of Califia.

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