Flag of North Dakota (North Dakota)

Flag North Dakota (North Dakota), Banner North Dakota (North Dakota)
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United States of America (USA)
North Dakota (North Dakota)

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Background knowledge

The North Dakota flag has a dark blue background with an eagle in the center. On the eagle's chest is a shield with 13 red stripes representing the 13 first U.S. states, just like the 13 stars above the eagle. In its talons it holds a branch and a bundle of arrows. The eagle has a red ribbon in his beak that says 'E Pluribus Unum' (out of many one). Below him in a red banner is the inscription 'North Dakota'.

On March 3, 1911, the flag was adopted by a legislative assembly. The name Dakota was derived from the Sioux Indian tribe and means 'friend'.

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The North Dakota state flag is a symbol of the state's history and patriotism. It was adopted by the state legislature in 1911. The flag consists of a blue background, a white center containing a coat of arms formed of red and blue patches, and light blue lettering that reads "North Dakota".
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The North Dakota flag was first adopted by the state legislature on March 11, 1911. It is an image of the state coat of arms and consists of a blue field with a white bar design. In the center is an upright bison protected by a red shield representing a sun and an eagle. The state's slogan, "Liberty and Union Now and Forever, One and Inseparable," is also featured on the flag.
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The flag of the state of North Dakota in the country of United States of America consists of a blue field with a white zigzag line in the middle. On the left side of the field is a rising sun and on the right side is a rising moon. The upper part of the field is lined with a green stripe, and the lower part is lined with a red stripe. In addition, there is a white star in the center of the blue field. This represents the 13 original colonies of the USA.

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