Flag of Oregon

Flag Oregon, Banner Oregon
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United States of America (USA)

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Background knowledge

The flag of Oregon has a dark blue background and is the only one of the US states with two different sides. In gold lettering on the front is 'State of Oregon'; just below is the state seal. On it are a landscape with sun, mountains and ship. In the foreground is a covered wagon and oxen harnessed in front of it. Around the seal are 33 stars representing Oregon as the 33rd state of the USA and directly below the seal is the year 1859 for the year Oregon became a state. The reverse features a beaver in gold, as Oregon is also nicknamed the 'Beaver State'. It is meant to allude to the state's traditionally dominant forestry industry.

The flag was adopted in 1925. Oregon takes its name from the army officer who made a written record and there: '...to the river called Ouragon by the Indians'.

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