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United States of America (USA)
New Jersey

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Background knowledge

New Jersey's flag has a yellow-brown background. In the center is the state's seal, which features the Roman goddesses Libertas, with Phrygian cap on her staff, and Ceres with cornucopia. Between them is a blue coat of arms with three plows representing agriculture in New Jersey. Above them is a horse's head as an attachment for a helmet that is below. At the feet of the goddesses is a blue banner that contains the state motto: 'Liberty and Prosperity'. The year 1776 in the center of the banner represents the year New Jersey became a state.
In 1896, the flag was officially adopted.
New Jersey got its name from Sir Berkley and Sir George Carteret. Who received a Royal Charter for the land and named it after the small Jersey Channel Island where Carteret had grown up.

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