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United States of America (USA)
New Mexico
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Background knowledge

The flag of New Mexico consists of a yellow background with the red sun of the Zia Pueblo Indians. The colors of the flag represent the Spanish colonial period. They can still be found today on the flag of Spain. The sun consists of a red circle connecting all four rays. They stand for the cardinal points (north, south, east, west) and the day (sunrise, noon, evening, night). Also, for the four seasons (spring, summer, autumn, winter) and life (child, youth, adult, old man).

The flag was introduced in 1925 and the name Mexico comes from the country Mexico.

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The flag of New Mexico is a symbol of the state's history and culture. It was created from a combination of Mexican and US culture and was officially adopted in 1920. The flag consists of a red and yellow sun circle on a blue background, reminiscent of the colors of the Mexican flag. The sun circle symbolizes belonging to the United States and the land of eternity.
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The flag of the state of New Mexico was adopted in 1920 and shows a red sun sign on a yellow background. It is a symbol of the ancient Native American culture of the state. The flag also contains the state arms of New Mexico, which depicts an eagle figure standing on a rock and a sun. The colors of the flag, red, yellow and blue, come from the Mexican Revolution and symbolize freedom, bravery and loyalty.
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The flag of New Mexico in the country United States of America (USA) is a red sun on a yellow-blue background. The sun has four rays, each bearing a gold-colored symbol. The symbols represent the four cultures that live in New Mexico: Native American, Spanish, Mexican and Anglo. The background is divided into yellow and blue, with the yellow symbolizing the sun and the blue symbolizing the color of the sky.

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