Flag of Arizona

Flag Arizona, Banner Arizona
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United States of America (USA)

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Background knowledge

The flag of Arizona is horizontally divided into two halves. The lower part of the flag is blue and in the upper part there are seven red and six yellow rays. In the center of the flag is a five-pointed star in copper. The rays represent the thirteen colonies that founded the United States of America. They also recall the sunsets for which Arizona is famous. The blue in the lower part symbolizes freedom. The star represents copper mining, as Arizona is one of the largest copper producers in the United States.

The flag was officially adopted on February 17, 1917. Arizona got its name from two compound words, 'Aleh' and 'Zon'. Together they mean little spring.

That's what ChatGPT knows about the flag of Arizona

This is what an AI says about the Arizona flag
The flag of the state of Arizona in the country of United States of America (USA) contains a blue star-shaped symbol on a red background. This star represents the 13 colonies that declared the independence of the USA. The red background symbolizes the courage and bravery of the American revolutionaries. The upper right corner of the flag contains a gold sun wheel, symbolizing the sun of the western sky.
This is what an AI knows about the history of the Arizona flag
The Arizona state flag was officially adopted in 1917. It consists of a red and a blue field separated by a golden sun wheel in the center. On the blue field there are 13 golden stars symbolizing the 13 colonies of the USA. The golden sun wheel represents the sun that shines so often in Arizona.
This is how an AI describes the Arizona flag
The flag of the state of Arizona in the country of United States of America consists of a dark blue background with a golden sun with 13 rays. In the center of the flag is a red, five-pointed star banner surrounded by a golden ring. The ring contains the words "Eureka" and "Ditat Deus" in Latin script. The top and bottom edges of the flag are each fringed with a gold band.

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