Flag of Wisconsin

Flag Wisconsin, Banner Wisconsin
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United States of America (USA)

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Background knowledge

The Wisconsin flag has a dark blue background with the state seal placed in the center. On the seal, surrounded by a white circle, you can see the Union flag. The shield is divided into four small parts showing a plow, a hoe and shovel, an anchor, and an arm with a hammer. The seal is held by a sailor on the left and a miner on the right. The two symbolize work on land and at sea. In a white banner above the two, 'forward' is written for forward or ahead. At the top of the flag in large white letters is 'WISCONSIN' and below the seal is the year 1848.
1848 is the year Wisconsin joined the United States, it is also the year the flag was adopted. Wisconsin takes its name from the Wisconsin River of the same name. Wisconsin means 'grassy place' and is a Chippewa Indian word.

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