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United States of America (USA)

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Background knowledge

The flag of Utah has a blue background on which the state seal is depicted. Surrounding the seal is a gold ring and in the lower part is the year 1896 in white, the year the flag was adopted. In the center of the seal is a shield with a beehive on it. It is the emblem of the Mormon state and commemorates the settlement of Utah by the Mormons. Therefore, the year 1847, when the Mormons settled Utah, is also shown below it. Above the beehive is 'Industry' and below the basket is 'Utah' also in white lettering. Surrounding the shield on the left and right are two USA flags that had the support of Utah to the state. At the top is an eagle, the state animal of the USA, which stands for protection in times of peace and war.

Utah takes its name from the Ute Indian tribe, from whom the word 'Yuttahih' comes. Translated, it means 'the one who is higher'.

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The Utah flag is a symbol of the state's history and culture. It was designed in 1911 by artist Harry Edwards and consists of a light blue background with a white symbol in the center. The symbol is a six-pointed star commemorating the six nations that inhabited the Utah territory prior to statehood. Below that is white lettering that reads "Industry," referring to the industry that powers Utah. The flag is a symbol of the diversity of the state and its citizens.
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The flag of Utah was first introduced in 1911. It consists of a blue background with a white star in a golden circle. The star symbolizes the unity of the six counties of the state of Utah. Below it is a red field, which stands for the color of the blood spilled in the fight for the independence of the state of Utah. The name of the state of Utah is printed on the flag in gold lettering.
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The flag of the state of Utah in the USA consists of a white background with a blue star-shaped circle on it. The circle is surrounded by a golden frame and contains 18 golden stars symbolizing the 18 circles of the state. In the center of the flag there is a white shield representing a golden eye with a golden sunbeam.

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