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United States of America (USA)

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Background knowledge

The flag of Maine shows its seal on a blue background. The seal depicts a moose under a fir tree, with a farmer and a sailor standing next to it. They represent the work that settlers had to do in the past. The fir tree is supposed to reflect shipbuilding. Below the seal, in a blue banner, is the name Maine. Above the two men is a star, this indicated Maine as a former northern state. Directly below the star, in white lettering in a red banner, is the word 'Dirigo' (I lead). Maine's flag was adopted in 1909.

The name Maine was in honor of Henrietta Maria, kings of Charles I of England. It is said that she owned the province of Maine.

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The flag of the state of Maine is a symbol of its history and culture. It was officially recognized as the state flag in 1901 and consists of a blue field with a white star and a red shield with a white spruce tree on it. The star symbolizes the states of the Union, while the shield and the spruce tree refer to Maine's history as a forest state.
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The flag of the state of Maine was officially introduced in 1901. It consists of a blue field on which a white shield with the black silhouette of a moss and a yellow sun is depicted. The words "Dirigo" (Latin for "I lead") are below the shield. The flag is a tribute to the first governor of the state of Maine, William King, who used the saying "Dirigo" as his motto.
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The flag of the state of Maine in the country of United States of America (USA) is a blue background with a white shield in the center. On the shield is a harpist holding a red ribbon that has a yellow star design. Below it is a yellow lettering that contains the words "Dirigo", which means "I lead". The flag symbolizes the dignity and courage of the state of Maine.

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