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United States of America (USA)

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Background knowledge

The Idaho flag has the seal of the state of Idaho in the center of the blue background. In the seal are depicted a miner and a woman, they represent equality, freedom and justice. Below the seal in gold letters in a banner of gold and red are the words 'State of Idaho'. In the official description of the flag, there must still be a gold fringe in the corners, but this is often not shown.

In 1907 the flag was officially adopted but in 1957 it was slightly modified. The design of the flag is based on the flag of the 1st Infantry in 1989 during the Spanish-American War.

Idaho takes its name from a steamboat that sailed along the Columbia River. With the discovery of gold on the Clearwater River in 1860, they began calling it Idaho.

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This is what an AI says about the Idaho flag
The flag of the state of Idaho was introduced in 1927. It consists of a blue background, a state coat of arms in the center and the words "State of Idaho" on a white band. The flag is one of the few U.S. flags to include a state coat of arms instead of a field of stars. It symbolizes the state's borders, natural resources and industry.
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The Idaho flag was first adopted in 1927. It consists of a blue background with the state seal in the center. The state seal features a miner, an elk, and a spruce tree, symbols of the state's industry and nature. The flag was redesigned in 1957 to reflect the wording of the Idaho Constitution. It has been the official symbol of the state ever since.
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The flag of the state of Idaho in the country of United States of America (USA) consists of a blue background with the Idaho Seal in the center. The Seal shows a mountain panorama, an axe and a sword, and the words "Esto Perpetua" (Latin for "Let it be eternal"). Above it is a red ribbon with the state motto "Esto Perpetua" in white lettering. On the sides are two white buffalo horns.

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