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Flag Ethiopia, Banner Ethiopia
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National flag on land
Addis Ababa
1.100.000 km²
Amharic, second lingua franca English, regional languages Orominya, Tigrinya, Somali, tribal languages
Birr (ETB)
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Background knowledge

The flag of Ethiopia with the current badge was on 6 In February 1996 and officially launched on 28 August 2009 changed slightly. The basic their tricolor was in the 19th Century used and is the origin of the Pan-African colors.

The colors are interpreted in different ways. The official symbolism:

  • Green stands for the fertility of the soil of the country.

  • Yellow stands for the love of country.

  • Red stands for strength and reminds us of the blood that was shed in the struggle against the oppressors.

At the same time the colors represent the most significant parts of the country:

  • Green for Shewa

  • Yellow for Amhara

  • Red for Tigre

Further, the religious sector, attributed interpretation refers to the Christian Trinity. After that,

  • Green for the Holy Spirit

  • Yellow for God the Father

  • Red for the son

At the same time, the colors symbolize the Christian virtues of hope (green), charity (yellow) and Faith (red).

Under the Empire the colors were attributed as follows:

  • Green was the symbol of the country or the hope

  • Yellow stood for the church, peace, natural wealth and love

  • Red was the color of the power of the blood of patriots and faith

The emblem in the middle stripe of the flag shows a radiant pentagram with equally long "rays". This is a symbol of the equality of all ethnic groups and gender and faith. The rays represent a bright future for Ethiopia, the blue background stands for peace and democracy.

Text courtesy of Flaggenlexikon.de

Three equal horizontal stripes (green, yellow, red) with a yellow pentagram and single yellow rays emerging from it; Ethiopia is the oldest independent country in Africa, and the state colors of Ethiopia have been adopted by so many other states in Africa that they are called "pan-African colors."


Composer: Solomon Lulu Songwriter: Dereje Melaku Mengesha

That's what ChatGPT knows about the flag of Ethiopia

This is what an AI says about the Ethiopian flag
The Ethiopian national flag, also known as the "Tricolor Flag", consists of three evenly spaced horizontal stripes in green, yellow and red. It is a symbol of national pride and unity of the country. The flag has a long history and was used as a symbol of the country's independence as early as 1896.
This is what an AI knows about the history of the Ethiopian flag
The Ethiopian national flag consists of three evenly spaced horizontal stripes in green, yellow and red. It was first used in 1896 during the Ethiopian Revolution, as a symbol of resistance to Italian colonial rule. The flag later became the official flag of the country when Ethiopia gained its independence in 1941.
This is how an AI describes the Ethiopian flag
The national flag of Ethiopia consists of three equal horizontal stripes in the colors green, yellow and red. The upper stripe is green, the middle yellow and the lower red. In the center of the flag is a white star surrounded by a blue crescent. The star is a symbol of the Ethiopian people and the crescent represents the Muslim population of the country. The flag is a symbol of the diversity and cohesion of the Ethiopian people.

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