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Flag Bosnia and Herzegovina, Banner Bosnia and Herzegovina
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Bosnia and Herzegovina
51.129 km²
Bosnian-Serbian-Croatian, with Latin (Bosnian/Croatian) and Cyrillic alphabet (Serbian)
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Background knowledge

It was felt that the previous flag was too "Bosnian" and the other nationalities were not represented. So it was decided to use a design that did not show any national symbolism, a dark blue field with a right-angled yellow triangle and a line of white stars along the diagonal side of the triangle. However, the blue was originally intended to be UN blue. The stars are meant to be reminiscent of the flag of Europe, and the yellow isosceles triangle represents the three major equal population groups in the country. Yellow is also the color of the sun and peace. On 20.05.1998 the new national coat of arms was introduced. It is based on the national flag, but contains two stars less.

For Muslims there is a green-white-green flag with a green bordered white crescent in the middle. Green and the crescent represent Islam, white stands for peace. Since 1996, a flag divided into three vertical stripes in red, white and green has existed for the Bosnian-Croatian Federation. In the white stripe there is also a coat of arms. It contains one Bosnian, one Croatian and one European symbol.

The flag of the Serbian Republic (Republika Srpska) is derived from the Serbian flag, but the eagle is on a blue background and carries a crown. Normally, however, only the horizontal red-blue-white striped flag is displayed, or supplemented by the golden cross with the four golden flints.

The Republic (Canton) Herzeg-Bosna of the Croats uses the Croatian flag with a slightly modified Croatian coat of arms.

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That's what ChatGPT knows about the flag of Bosnia and Herzegovina

This is what an AI says about the Bosnian-herzegovinian flag
The national flag of Bosnia and Herzegovina consists of a blue background with a yellow triangle and a red triangle. The flag was officially adopted in 1992 and is a symbol of national unity for the Bosnian people. The blue triangle represents the European roots of the country, while the yellow triangle symbolizes the Islamic tradition and the red triangle the Christian tradition.
This is what an AI knows about the history of the Bosnian-herzegovinian flag
The national flag of Bosnia and Herzegovina was introduced in 1992 as a symbol of the country's independence. It consists of a white star in a blue field, standing on a yellow triangle. The colors symbolize the three ethnic groups of Bosnia and Herzegovina: blue stands for the Muslims, yellow for the Croats and white for the Serbs.
This is how an AI describes the Bosnian-herzegovinian flag
The national flag of Bosnia and Herzegovina is a triangular banner divided into three equal horizontal stripes. The upper stripe is white, the middle stripe is blue and the lower stripe is red. In the center of the banner there is a golden six-pointed star. The star is a symbol of unity and solidarity of the Bosnian people. The flag is a symbol of hope and peace for the country.

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