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Great Britain
Cardiff (Caerdydd)

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The flag of Wales features a red dragon (English The Red Dragon; Welsh Y Ddraig Goch) on a green and white field. The exact shape of the dragon is not standardized, so several variants exist.Many legends entwine around the Welsh dragon. The most famous is the prophecy of Myrddin (or Merlin, originally probably Ambrosius Aurelianus), who predicted a long battle between a red and a white dragon. According to the prophecy, the white dragon would dominate at first, but the red dragon would win in the end. Many see in this a parallel with the struggle of the Welsh against the English; in the version told in the Historia Britonum, the red dragon symbolizes the Celtic Britons and the white one the Anglo-Saxons.The motto of Wales, "Y Ddraig Goch ddyry cychwyn" (German "Der rote Drache geht vor"), contains similar, less warlike symbolism.(Wikipedia).

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