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Great Britain

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Background knowledge

The flag of England is Saint George's Cross. The legend of George as the dragon slayer dates back to the 12th century. St. George became the patron saint of England in the 13th century. The red cross appeared in the Crusades and is one of the oldest known emblems representing England.The flag consists of a red cross in white field, its width is one fifth of the height of the flag. It is a simple application of St. George's Cross, which can be found on various flags and coats of arms of Christian countries, cities and families.St. George's Cross has become part of the Union Jack, the national flag of the United Kingdom, with an aspect ratio of 1:2, as well as the Scottish version of the British royal coat of arms. Also in the Commonwealth period, the Saint George's Cross was found in the arms of Great Britain.The Saint George's Cross is also found in the "Red Hand Flag" - the former flag of Northern Ireland, supplemented by a six-pointed star, a red hand and the British Crown; and the flag of Guernsey, here supplemented by a golden cross of bars. Likewise, various coats of arms and flags of former British colonies go back to the English flag.(Wikipedia)

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The flag of the state of England in the United Kingdom is also known as Saint George's flag and is a symbol of the nation of Great Britain. It is a combination of the cross of Saint George, the patron Saint of England, and the colors red and white. The flag is often used as a symbol of British nationalism and patriotism.
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The flag of the state of England in the country of Great Britain is a combination of the cross of St. George, the national symbol of England, and the flag banner of the Kingdom of Great Britain. It was first used in 1707 as the official symbol of the united Kingdom of Great Britain. Since then it has hardly changed and is one of the oldest flags in the world.
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The flag of the state of England in the United Kingdom of Great Britain consists of the red cross of St. George on a white background. It consists of a white cross arranged on a red background. The white cross is the cross of St. George, who is considered the patron saint of England. The red cross is the symbol of England and is also used as the flag of the country.

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