Flag of Djibouti

Flag Djibouti, Banner Djibouti
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National flag on land and sea
23.200 km²
French, Arabic, Cushitic languages of the Issas and Afars
Djibouti Franc (DJF)
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Background knowledge

The flag of Djibouti was introduced on 27.06.1977. It shows two horizontal bands in light blue and green with an isosceles white triangle on the pole. In the center of the triangle is a five-pointed red star. Blue is the color of the lssa ethnic group and also represents the sky and the sea. Green symbolizes the Afar ethnic group and Islam. White represents peace. The red star embodies the struggle to achieve independence. The white triangle with sides of equal length represents the country's motto "Unity, Equality, Peace". According to its origin, the flag is the flag of a political party, first the FLCdS, later the LPAI.

The coat of arms of Djibouti was introduced at the same time as the flag. It shows two arms (Afar and Issa) each with a shark knife, between them a lance and a round shield (defensive readiness). Above them the red star. The whole is surrounded by a wreath of laurel leaves. This stands for unity and victory.

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Two equal horizontal stripes (light blue, light green) with a white equilateral triangle on the side of the flagpole with a red five-pointed star in the center.


Composer: Abdi Robleh Songwriter: Aden Elmi

Hinjinne u sara kaca

Calankaan harraad iyo

Haydaar u mudateen.

Hir cagaarku qariyayiyo

Habkay samadu tahayoo

Xiddig dhi igleh hoorshoo

Caddaan lagu hadheeyaay.

Maxaa haybad kugu yaal.

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This is what an AI says about the Djiboutian flag
The flag of Djibouti was introduced on April 27, 1977. It is a symbol of the unity of the country and represents the unity of the three ethnic groups. The flag is a combination of three horizontal stripes in blue, green and red.
This is what an AI knows about the history of the Djiboutian flag
The flag of Djibouti was introduced in 1977 as a symbol of the country's independence. It consists of three horizontal stripes in blue, white and green. The upper blue stripe symbolizes independence, the middle white stripe represents the peacefulness of the country and the lower green stripe represents the nature and resources of the country. In the middle of the flag there is a red triangle, which reminds of the blood sacrifices given for the independence of Djibouti.
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The national flag of Djibouti is a Pan-African flag consisting of two equal horizontal stripes. The upper stripe is green and the lower stripe is white. In the center of the flag is a red square with a white star in the middle. The star symbolizes the unity of the country's different ethnic groups. It also represents the hope, freedom and independence of the country.

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