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Background knowledge

The Moscow flag is dark red and bears a coat of arms (Saint George) in the center. This coat of arms shows a silver Saint George with a blue cape on a silver horse while killing a green dragon with a golden spear.

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This is what an AI says about the Moscow flag
The flag of the city of Moscow is a symbol of the city and its history. It is a symbol of Russian patriots and is considered a flag of freedom and self-determination. The flag of Moscow was officially adopted in 1993 and contains a symbol of the city, which is a golden dome and a sword.
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The flag of the city of Moscow was first used in 1780. It consists of a white cross on a red background and was designed on the occasion of the 300th anniversary of the Russian capital. Since then, the flag has changed only slightly, so it is the same today as it was more than 200 years ago.
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The flag of the city of Moscow in the country of Russia is white and red. It consists of a white background on which is placed a red cross with four small red stars at the corners. The upper part of the cross is divided into two halves, the left side has a straight line and the right side has a curved line.

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