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Flag Bahrain, Banner Bahrain
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National flag on land and sea
710 km²
Arabic, English as a business language
Bahrain dinar (BHD)
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Background knowledge

Red is a flag color with great tradition and widespread in the Indian Ocean area, from the coasts of Arabia, to Zanzibar, to the Maldives. It has a close relationship with Islam, as red is the color of: 1.) the Sharifs of Mecca, 2.) the Kharijites and Ibadites, and 3.) the descendants of Caliph Ali. Before 1915, many Arab countries used a solid red flag. In 1820, some emirates in the Persian Gulf area signed a General Maritime Treaty with Great Britain, which was intended to stop piracy in the region. As a sign of acceptance, many Arab emirates added a white stripe to their traditional red flags, or added other white structures, borders, etc. Thus, the flag of Bahrain also carried a white stripe in the red flag at the flagstaff. The present flag of Bahrain was probably introduced in 1932. The red flag cloth was separated from the white stripe by a zigzag line, but allegedly the old version is still used occasionally. This flag was slightly changed on 22.02.2002. The number of white prongs in the flag was reduced from eight to five.

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Red with a white band or five white prongs pointing to the right on the left side.


The white band dates back to 1820, when the states of the Persian Gulf, formerly known as the 'Pirate Coast', established a maritime agreement among themselves and consequently added white components to their flags. The jags were added to the band only in 1932. The five prongs represent the five pillars of Islam. The flag of Qatar is very similar in design, but contains more jags and is reddish brown or maroon compared to the ('British') red in the flag of Bahrain. The colors red and white are traditional colors of the Gulf States.


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This is what an AI says about the Bahraini flag
The flag of Bahrain is a square flag consisting of a white stripe and two black stripes. The white stripe symbolizes the religious connection between the Islamic faith and the nation. The black stripe represents the nation's past and its connection to Arab countries. The flag was officially declared the national flag in 2002. It is a symbol of the unity and cohesion of the country.
This is what an AI knows about the history of the Bahraini flag
The national flag of Bahrain was officially introduced in 1932 and consists of a white triangle on a red background divided by two stripes in black and white. The white triangle represents the ancient history of the country and the two black and white stripes symbolize the alliance between the Sunni and Shia parts of the country. The colors of the flag are also part of the coat of arms of the Kingdom of Bahrain.
This is how an AI describes the Bahraini flag
The national flag of Bahrain is a horizontal flag consisting of a red stripe and two white stripes. The red stripe is on the upper side of the flag and the two white stripes form the lower half. In the center of the flag is a five-pointed white star surrounded by a black band. The star represents the five pillars of Islam and symbolizes the five pillar community that unites the religion, language, history and culture of the country.