Flag of Syria

Flag Syria, Banner Syria
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National flag on land and sea
185.180 km²
Arabic (common foreign languages: English and French)
Syrian pound (SYP)
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Three equal horizontal stripes (red, white, black) with two small green five-pointed stars on the white area.


Red, white, black and green are classic pan-Arab colors. The two green stars in the center of the flag originally symbolized Syria and Egypt. In modern times they are also interpreted as Syria and Iraq. Flag since 29 March, 1980.


Composer: محمد سليم فليفل (Mohammad Salim Flayfel), أحمد سليم فليفل (Ahmad Salim Flayfel) Songwriter: خليل مردم بك (Khalil Mardam Bey)

That's what ChatGPT knows about the flag of Syria

This is what an AI says about the Syrian flag
The Syrian national flag is a symbol of the Syrian state and its citizens. It is a symbol of the unity and cohesion of the Syrian people. The flag was last changed in 1980 and is a sign of national identity and Syrian patriotism.
This is what an AI knows about the history of the Syrian flag
The Syrian national flag consists of two horizontal stripes in black, white and red. The upper stripe is black, the middle one is white and the lower one is red. The flag was first used in the early 20th century when Syria became an independent nation. It was one of the first flags to use the three traditional colors of Arab pan-nationalism. Since then, the flag has undergone some changes, but the basic colors have remained the same.
This is how an AI describes the Syrian flag
The national flag of Syria consists of three horizontal stripes in black, white and red. The top stripe is black, the middle stripe is white and the bottom stripe is red. In the center of the flag is a green tree with three stars in the upper left corner. The stars symbolize the three regions of Syria, while the tree represents the traditional strength and reconstruction of the country. The colors of the flag represent the blood shed in the struggle for Syria's independence.

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