Flag of Macedonia (1992-1995)

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Background knowledge

The Macedonian flag from 1992 - 1995 is red and shows the "Sun of Vergina" in the center.

The Sun of Vergina is originally a Greek symbol.For this reason, the Greeks protested against the use of the flag by the Macedonian government.The "Sun of Vergina" is the symbol of the Philip dynasty and symbolizes with the birth of Greece in the 4th century BC.

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The historical flag of Macedonia, used from 1992 to 1995, was a symbol of the country's independence. It was a combination of the traditional colors of red, gold and purple. It also contained a reference to the Macedonian national hero Alexander the Great, who was depicted on the coat of arms. The flag was also considered a symbol of Macedonian unity, as it was a combination of the country's traditional symbols.
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The historical flag of Macedonia (1992-1995) consisted of a golden sun wheel on a red background. The sun wheel was a symbol of freedom and independence of the Macedonian people. The flag was adopted as the official symbol of the country in 1992 and remained in use until 1995. It was replaced by a new flag representing a federation of eight Balkan states.
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The historical flag of Macedonia (1992-1995) consisted of a red base color and a golden ornamental pattern forming an eight-pointed star pattern. In the center of the star pattern was a golden sun wheel. Additionally, the flag was decorated with a golden lion's head on the upper left side. The lion's head was used as a symbol of Macedonian identity and connection with Alexander the Great. The flag is a symbol of Macedonia's independence and was introduced in 1992.

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