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The flag of Serbia is a tricolor with the Pan-Slavic colors.It consists of three equal horizontal stripes; red at the top, blue in the middle, white at the bottom, heraldic red-blue-silver. The aspect ratio of height to width behaves as 2 to 3.Each color occupies one-third of the height.The small coat of arms of Serbia centered vertically and horizontally 5/14 of the flag width from the side of the flagpole (left).On August 17, 2004, the Serbian National Assembly recommended the use of new state symbols for the Republic of Serbia. In 2006, Montenegro proclaimed its independence via a national referendum and broke away from the union of states. On June 8, the flag was raised for the first time in front of the United Nations headquarters in New York. It thus replaced the flag of Serbia and Montenegro.The republic's coat of arms with the five-pointed red star, which had been in use since 1946, was replaced by a coat of arms that includes a double-headed eagle, as it did during the time of the Serbian Kingdom (until 1918). The red-blue-white flag is retained, minimally modified in color, according to the wishes of the deputies.Source: Wikipedia.com


Composer: Davorin Jenko (9. November 1835 - 25. November 1914) Songwriter: Jovan Ðordevic

Bože Pravde (God of Justice) is the national anthem of Serbia. The lyrics were written in 1872 by Jovan Ðordevic and the music by Davorin Jenko.Bože Pravde became the official Serbian national anthem only with the adoption of a new constitution on September 30, 2006. Before that, the anthem had been used by the Republic and its organs since the legally non-binding "Recommendation on the Use of the Coat of Arms, Flag and Anthem of the Republic of Serbia"[1] by the Serbian National Assembly on August 17, 2004.Bože Pravde was the national anthem of the Kingdom of Serbia (1882-1918) and part of the tripartite national anthem of the Kingdom of Serbs, Croats and Slovenes (1918-1945; Kingdom of Yugoslavia since 1929), which was composed of the national anthems of Serbia, Croatia and Slovenia at that time. Therefore, Serbia today uses a version of the text adapted to the republican form of government, without monarchist references. Bože Pravde Bože pravde, ti što spaseod propasti do sad nas,cuj i od sad naše glasei od sad nam budi spas.Mocnom rukom vodi, branibuducnosti srpske brod,Bože spasi, Bože hrani,srpske zemlje, srpski rod!Srbiju nam Bože brani,moli ti se srpski rod!Složi srpsku bracu draguna svak dican slavan rad,sloga bice poraz vragua najjaci srpstvu grad.Nek na srpstva blista granibratske sloge zlatan plod,Bože spasi, Bože hranisrpske zemlje, srpski rod!Srbiju nam Bože brani,moli ti se srpski rod!Iz mracnoga sinu grobasrpske krune novi sjaj,nastalo je novo doba,novu srecu Bože daj.Srbiju nam Bože brani,pet vekovne borbe plod,Bože spasi, Bože hrani,srpske zemlje, srpski rod!Srbiju nam Bože brani,moli ti se srpski rod! God of justice, who saved us from destruction until now, hear our voices from now on and be our salvation.With a mighty hand lead, defend the Serbian future ship,God save, God feed,Serbian lands, Serbian blood!God protect Serbia ours,your Serbian blood asks you!Some of the dear Serbian brothers on every magnificent (a) glorious work,unity will be the cuckold's defeatand Serbia's strongest celebration.May the splendor of brotherly harmony shine golden fruit over Serbia, God save, God nourish, Serbian lands, Serbian blood! God protect Serbia ours, your Serbian blood begs you!From the dark son's grave shines a new glow of Serbian glory, a new time has dawned, new happiness, give us God.Serbia, defend us God, from five centuries of struggle fruit, God save, God feed, Serbian lands, Serbian blood!God protect Serbia ours, pray your Serbian blood!

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The national flag of Serbia consists of three evenly divided stripes arranged in red-blue-white. It is a symbol of the unity of the Serbian people. The flag was recognized as the official emblem of the state on November 11, 2010.
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Serbia has had its national flag since 1882. The flag is a simple tri-color band consisting of three horizontal stripes of equal width in blue, white and red. The colors symbolize the three historical provinces of the Serbian state: Vojvodina, Bosnia and Herzegovina and the territory of the old Serbia. Since 2006, the flag is also the official symbol of the state of Serbia.
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The national flag of Serbia consists of three horizontal stripes of equal size, which are red, blue and white. The top and bottom stripes are red, while the middle stripe is blue. In the center of the blue stripe is a white double-headed eagle, symbolizing the coat of arms of the Serbian nation. The double eagle is decorated with a golden crown wreath.