Flag of New York City

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Background knowledge

The flag of New York is vertically striped in the colors blue, white and orange.in the center it shows the city arms of New York with the number 1625.

The three colors blue, white and orange are the colors that the Netherlands also used in 1625.1625 stands for the Grundüngsjahr of New York, when the Dutch founded it. It was not until 1664 that the Americans took it over.

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The flag of the city of New York is a symbol of freedom and independence of the USA. It is a combination of the colors blue, white and orange, which represent the three populations of the city: the Native Americans, the Europeans and the Africans. The flag is also called the "Freedom Flag" and is a symbol of solidarity and cohesion of New Yorkers.
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The flag of the city of New York was first introduced in 1915. It consists of a white background with two blue stripes, in which there are 16 five-pointed stars. These stars represent the individual boroughs of New York. Since its introduction, the flag of the city of New York has not changed.
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The flag of the City of New York is a light blue rectangle with a white cross representing the four boroughs of Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens and The Bronx. In the center of the cross is a white hexagonal figure symbolizing the island of Manhattan. In the upper left quadrant is a yellow sun wheel, representing the city's religious and cultural traditions. At the bottom of the rectangle is a white stripe connecting the city to the country of the United States of America.

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