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Background knowledge

The flag of Tyrol has two horizontal stripes, white and red.

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This is what an AI says about the Tyrol flag
The flag of the province of Tyrol is a symbol of regional patriotism and belonging to Austria. It consists of the colors white and red, which are also the colors of the Austrian flag. The flag of the province of Tyrol is also called the "Tyrolean flag" and is often used at regional events and celebrations.
This is what an AI knows about the history of the Tyrol flag
The flag of the province of Tyrol is a combination of the flag of the country of Austria and the flag of the Tyrol. It was introduced in 1919, after Tyrol became a part of the newly created province of Austria. The flag consists of three stripes, a white one at the top, a red one in the middle and a blue one at the bottom. Each stripe symbolizes one of the three regions that make up Tyrol.
This is how an AI describes the Tyrol flag
The flag of the province of Tyrol in Austria consists of a white background and a red bar that occupies the upper half of the flag. The red bar is decorated with a golden chamois head. The chamois head is a symbol of Tyrol, which stands for the alpine culture and the mountain world. The lower part of the flag is a golden triangle, which reminds of the old reign of the House of Habsburg.

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