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Vorarlberg (service flag)

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Background knowledge

The Vorarlberg flag is composed of two horizontal stripes: red and white. In the center it shows a coat of arms on which there is a red building-like artwork on a white background.

The colors, red and white, are derived from the coat of arms. The flag was already used in the 19th century. The coat of arms shows the old coat of arms of the Counts of Montfort, who died out in the 18th century, on a white background.

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This is what an AI says about the Vorarlberg (service flag) flag
The flag of the federal state of Vorarlberg is the service flag of the country of Austria. It is mainly used by the local authorities and the military. The flag is a white field with a red cross surrounded by four golden eagles. It is a symbol of the state's loyalty to the Republic of Austria.
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The flag of the federal state of Vorarlberg is a symbol of regional identity. It was first introduced in 1832 and consists of a red flag with a white cross. The cross is a symbol of the Christian tradition of the province. Since 2007, the flag of the federal state of Vorarlberg is also recognized as a service flag throughout the country of Austria.
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The flag of the province of Vorarlberg in the country of Austria is a white-red-white triangle. It consists of three equal stripes arranged vertically, with the middle stripe being red and the side stripes being white. The red-white stripe is considered a symbol of the alpine culture in Vorarlberg. The white stripe at the top and bottom symbolizes the purity of the land. The flag is a symbol of the unity and commonality of the people of Vorarlberg.

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