Flag of Burgenland (service flag)

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Burgenland (service flag)

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Background knowledge

The Burgenland flag is red at the top and yellow at the bottom. In the center it has a coat of arms with a red eagle sitting on a rock, which is depicted on a golden background. He wears a breast shield.

The colors of the two stripes, red and yellow, are derived from the coat of arms; with red eagle and golden background. The flag was already used in the 19th century. The coat of arms combines the significant noble families of the region.

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This is what an AI says about the Burgenland (service flag) flag
The flag of the province of Burgenland in Austria is a symbol of the autonomy of the country. It is a combination of the colors red, white and blue, which can also be found on the Austrian national flag. The flag was approved by the provincial government in 1947 and has been the official symbol of the province ever since.
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The official flag of the province of Burgenland in Austria was introduced on April 1, 1954 and consists of a red background with a golden shield in the middle. The shield is decorated with a black eagle holding a golden Burgenland coat of arms. The coat of arms symbolizes the cohesion and unity of the province.
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The flag of the province of Burgenland in Austria consists of two equal horizontal stripes in the colors red and white. The upper stripe is red and the lower stripe is white. In the center of the flag is a red shield representing a white castle with three towers and an open gate. The shield is surrounded by a golden band with the words "Burgenland" on it.

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