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Salzburg (service flag)
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Background knowledge

The flag of Salzburg has two horizontal stripes: red at the top and white at the bottom.In the center there is a coat of arms with a royal crown above. On the coat of arms on the left you can see a black lion on a yellow background and on the right three horizontal stripes, red-white-red.

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This is what an AI says about the Salzburg (service flag) flag
The flag of the province of Salzburg is a service flag of the country of Austria. It is a variant of the Austrian national flag with a white shield bearing a red cross. The shield is crowned by a golden eagle with a red heart underneath. It is a symbol of the solidarity of the province of Salzburg with Austria. The flag is mainly used at official events and in state buildings in Salzburg.
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The flag of the province of Salzburg is a symbol of loyalty and patriotism. The flag was introduced on August 1, 1977 and consists of a white field with a red bar in the middle. The bar symbolizes the Hohensalzburg Fortress, which plays an important role in the history of Salzburg. The lower white symbolizes the snow of the Alps and the upper color represents the color of the Salzburg state flag.
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The flag of the province of Salzburg in Austria is a white field with a black bar in the upper left corner. The bar is topped with a red cross that stretches across the entire field. The black bar symbolizes the history of the state, while the red cross is a symbol of attachment to the Christian faith. The white field symbolizes the purity that is the province of Salzburg.

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