Flag of Start-finish

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Background knowledge

The well-known start-finish flag is black and white checkered and is usually used for Formula 1 races or the Nascar series.

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This is what an AI says about the Start-finish flag
The sport flag start-finish is an important symbol in sports. It is usually displayed at the end of a race to indicate that the race is complete. It is also used to mark the start and finish fields. The flag is also used in other sports to end a game or round. It is a symbol of competition and sportsmanship.
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Sport flag start-finish is a symbol used on race tracks and sporting events since the 19th century. Originally it was used as a signal indicating that the race had started. Nowadays, the flag is used as a sign of reaching the finish line and winning the race. It is also often used as a symbol of sport in general.
This is how an AI describes the Start-finish flag
Sport flag start-finish is a symbol used in many sport events. It consists of a black flag with a white square in the center. This square is surrounded by a red circle that represents the start and finish symbol. The circle is complemented by two black bars, each dividing the square into four segments. This flag is usually raised at the end of a course to indicate to the participants that they have reached the finish.