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Geneva / Genève

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Background knowledge

The flag of the Swiss canton of Geneva (Genève) shows in the left half a half black eagle with red crown, red beak and red talons.The right half is red and shows a yellow key.

The eagle symbolizes majesty / pride, justice and protection.The key symbolizes the church regulations, treasures and responsibility.

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This is what an AI says about the Geneva / Genève flag
The flag of the Federal State of Geneva / Genève is a symbol of the autonomy of the canton. It was adopted in 1815 as part of the new federal treaty between the cantons and the Swiss Confederation. The flag of the Canton of Geneva is a symbol of patriotism and solidarity of the people of Geneva.
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The flag of the State of Geneva / Genève is a horizontal flag consisting of two equal squares in the colors red and white. The colors red and white have been the traditional colors of the Canton of Geneva since the 15th century and have a long and colorful history. The flag was first officially used in 1815, when the Canton of Geneva was incorporated into the Swiss Confederation.
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The flag of the state of Geneva / Genève in the country of Switzerland is white-red-white striped. It consists of three horizontal stripes in the colors red, white and red. The upper and lower stripes are white, the middle stripe is red. In the middle of the red stripe there is a white circle containing a red cross. This cross is the symbol of the city of Geneva and represents the independence and freedom of the city.

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