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Background knowledge

The flag of the Swiss canton of Aargau is vertically bisected.The left side is black and shows three white waves in the center separated by two blue wavy lines.The right side is blue and shows three pentagonal white stars.

The three stars symbolize the three largest regions from which the canton of Aargau was formed:- Aargau- Baden- Fricktal

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This is what an AI says about the Aargau flag
The flag of the federal state of Aargau in Switzerland is a symbol of regional identity. It was designed in 1945 and represents the history and culture of the federal state. The flag is a combination of the colors red and yellow, which also represent the colors of the flag of Switzerland.
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The flag of the federal state of Aargau was introduced in 1831. It consists of a red cross on a white background and symbolizes the state's ties with the Swiss Confederation. The colors red and white are also the traditional colors of Aargau and have been used since the Middle Ages.
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The flag of the Swiss state of Aargau consists of a white background with a red cross in the center. The cross is surrounded with a black circle. The circle is divided into six parts, three of which are white and three of which are red. The cross is a symbol of the Christian faith and the six parts represent the six cantons of Aargau. The flag is a symbol of the unity and cohesion of the state of Aargau.

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