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Flag Montenegro, Banner Montenegro
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National flag on land and sea
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Background knowledge

The current flag of Montenegro, adopted on July 12, 2004, is based on the historical flag that was valid until World War I, the time of the first Montenegrin independence (see below). The golden striding lion in the eagle's breast shield is an ancient Montenegrin national symbol.Source: Wikipedia.com


Composer: unbekannt Songwriter: Sekula Drljevic

Oj svijetla majska zoroOj svijetla majska zoroMajko naša Crna GoroSinovi smo tvog stijenjaI cuvari tvog poštenjaVolimo vas, brda tvrda,I stravicne vaše klanceKoji nikad ne poznašeSramotnoga ropstva lance.Dok lovcenskoj našoj misliNaša sloga daje krila,Bit ce gorda, bit ce slavnaDomovina naša mila.Rijeka ce naših vala,Uskacuci u dva mora,Glas nositi okeanu,Da je vjecna Crna Gora.German translation:Oh, you bright dawn in May,Our mother Montenegro,We are sons of your rocks,And guardians of your honesty.We love you, hard mountains,And your dreaded mountain ranges,Who never knewThe chains of shameful slavery.While our Lovcens senseGives wings to our unity,Will be proud, will be famousOur beloved homeland.The river from our shores,Jumped into two seas,Will carry the voice to the ocean,That Montenegro is eternal.Oj svijetla majska zoro ("Oh, you bright dawn in May") is the national anthem of Montenegro. Even before that it was a popular folk song of Montenegrins, sung in a wide variety of versions. The lyrics were written by Sekula Drljevic in 1937.

That's what ChatGPT knows about the flag of Montenegro

This is what an AI says about the Montenegrin flag
The flag of Montenegro consists of a red background with a golden eagle in the center. The eagle symbolizes the national pride and freedom of the country. The flag was introduced in 2004 and was a symbol of Montenegro's path to independence. Since then, the flag has been a symbol of national unity and cohesion.
This is what an AI knows about the history of the Montenegrin flag
The national flag of Montenegro was first used in 1876, when Montenegro established itself as an independent country. It consists of a red background with a golden eagle in the center. Since then, the flag has been changed only slightly and is still the symbol of the country. In 2004, the flag of Montenegro was officially recognized as the national flag.
This is how an AI describes the Montenegrin flag
The national flag of Montenegro consists of a red square with a golden eagle in the center. The eagle has a golden cross on its chest, which is attached to its wings by a golden ring. The background of the square is divided into four fields, each containing the colors blue, white, red and black.

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