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Vaud / Vaud

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Background knowledge

The flag of the Swiss canton of Vaud is horizontally divided into two halves: the upper one is white and the lower one is green.In the upper half is written "Liberté et Patrie" (Freedom and Fatherland).

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This is what an AI says about the Vaud / Vaud flag
The flag of Vaud / Vaud is a white-blue vertical bicolor flag. It is a symbol of independence of the canton of Vaud, which was founded by Napoleon Bonaparte in 1803. The flag is a symbol of belonging to Switzerland and represents the identity of the canton of Vaud. It is a symbol of respect and solidarity between the cantons of Switzerland.
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The flag of Vaud / Vaud in Switzerland was first used in 1803. Since then it has been a symbol of the country's independence and unity. The flag consists of a white cross on a red background, with the four ends of the cross each bearing a yellow cross.
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The flag of the state Vaud / Vaud in the country Switzerland is white-blue-red. The upper half of the flag is white, the lower half is divided into two parts, the upper part is blue and the lower part is red. In the middle of the flag there is a white cross.

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