Flag of El Salvador

Flag El Salvador, Banner El Salvador
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Service flag on land, war flag on land and at sea
El Salvador
San Salvador
21.040 km²
North America, Central America
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Background knowledge

El Salvador was initially a member of the Central American Federation, and flew its flag. The flag of the Central American Federation is a blue-white-blue longitudinally striped flag with a coat of arms in the center of the white stripe. It is a design by Manuel José Arce and was created during the anti-Mexican defensive struggle and was first hoisted in 1822. This flag was adopted for the United States of Central America (Central American Federation) on Aug. 21, 1823. The colors of blue white and blue (Central American colors) were originally used in the struggle for independence against Spain and represent a symbol of solidarity with other South American nations, and embody the common will of the members of the Federation for freedom and independence. The arrangement of the colors reflects Central America's location between the two oceans. The national coat of arms of the Central American Federation, like the flag, was adopted on Aug. 21, 1823. It shows five volcanoes, representing the five member states of the Federation. The triangle symbolizes equality, the Phrygian cap freedom, and the rainbow hope. After the end of this federation (1838/39), El Salvador kept this flag until 1875. After that, a flag modeled on that of the United States was adopted.
Today's blue-white-blue longitudinal striped flag was reintroduced on 17.05.1912, and officially confirmed on 27.09.1972. Compared to the flag of the Central American Federation, however, the blue in El Salvador's flag is somewhat lighter. The motto of the commercial flag is "Dios, Union, Libertad" (God, Unity, Freedom).

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Three horizontal stripes (blue, white, blue) with the national emblem in the center of the flag; the national emblem shows a round emblem surrounded by the words "Republica de El Salvador en la America Central".


Composer: Juan Aberle Songwriter: Juan José Cañas

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