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Flag Austria, Banner Austria
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Civil flag and merchant flag
83.858 km²
German (92.3%), official languages: German, Slovenian (regional), Croatian (regional)
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Background knowledge

The Austrian flag is horizontally striped in the colors red, white, red.

Duke Frederick II (1210-1246) as the last Babenberg introduced this flag in 1230.He wanted to demonstrate with his own flag a greater independence from the Roman Empire.


Composer: Johann Baptist Holzer aus Korneuburg (17. Mai 1753 - 7. September 1818) Songwriter: Paula von Preradovic (1881-1951)

Federal anthem: Land of mountains, land on the river, land of fields, land of cathedrals, land of hammers, rich in future: homeland you are of great sons, people, gifted for the beautiful, much praised Austria. Hotly contested, wildly disputed, you lie in the midst of the continent, like a strong heart. Since early ancestral days, you have borne the burden of high mission, much-tested Austria. Bravely into the new times,free and faithful see us stride,joyful in work and full of hope!Let us unite in brotherly choirs,fatherland,and pledge allegiance to you,much-loved Austria!

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This is what an AI says about the Austrian flag
The Austrian national flag consists of three evenly spaced horizontal stripes in red, white and red. It was introduced as the state flag in 1804 and is one of the oldest national flags in the world. It symbolizes the unity of the country and is often used at public events.
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The Austrian national flag is a symbol of Austrian national pride. It was first used in 1230 as a white-red-red flag when Austria was still a part of the Holy Roman Empire. In 1918, the flag was adopted as the official national flag of the First Republic of Austria and has remained unchanged until today. The flag consists of three evenly vertical stripes in the colors red, white and red.
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The national flag of Austria consists of three equal horizontal stripes in red, white and red. The upper and lower stripes are red, the middle stripe is white. In the middle of the white stripe is the Austrian federal coat of arms. It consists of a black double eagle, which is on a golden shield. The double eagle has the castles and mountains of Austria depicted on its breast shield. The eagle is crowned with a golden cross and has a sword and a lance in its talons respectively.

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