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Background knowledge

The flag of Tasmania is a variant of the British Blue Ensign.It shows in the right part a striding red lion in a white circle.

The flag was introduced on September 25, 1876.

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The flag of the state of Tasmania in the country of Australia is a symbol of Tasmanians' pride in their history and culture. It represents the deep attachment of Tasmanians to their homeland and country. The flag is a symbol of the unity, freedom and equality of Tasmanians.
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The flag of Tasmania was introduced in 1876 and shows a blue cross on a white background. The cross is a symbolic sign of Christian missionary work and symbolizes the founding of Tasmania as a British colonial territory. The four stars on the cross represent the four historic provinces of the state: Hobart, Launceston, Devonport and Burnie.
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The flag of the state of Tasmania in the country of Australia consists of a white background with a red cross in the center. The red cross symbolizes the Aborigines, the original inhabitants of Tasmania. On each side of the cross is a white star, which symbolizes the four members of the Royal Australian Navy that reached Tasmania in 1803.

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