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The flag of Thuringia consists of two horizontal stripes of the colors white (top) and red (bottom).In the center the flag shows a blue coat of arms with a red and white striped lion with a golden crown on its head. Around the lion are six hexagonal stars.


The eight stars stand for the seven small states that were combined when Thuringia was founded; another star stands for the Prussian territories.The coat of arms was newly introduced in 1990 and borrows the coat of arms of the Landgraviate of Thuringia from 1145 to 1254.

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The flag of the Federal State of Thuringia consists of three horizontal stripes in the colors black, red and gold. It was adopted as the official flag of the state on April 12, 1991. It is a symbol of the unity and oneness of Thuringia and represents the state colors of the federal state.
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The flag of the federal state of Thuringia was first introduced in 1952. It represents a white cross on a red background, symbolizing the four traditional states of the Federal State of Thuringia. The flag was slightly changed in 1990 after the reunification of Germany to symbolize the unity and togetherness of the new federal states.
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The flag of the state of Thuringia in the country of Germany is black-red-gold. It consists of a black upper stripe and a red lower stripe separated by a golden center stripe. The golden central stripe is twice as wide as the black and red sides.

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