Flag of Barbados

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National flag on land, merchant and service flag at sea
431 km²
North America, Central America
Barbadian dollar (BBD)
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Background knowledge

The flag of Barbados (The Broken Trident) was born on 30 Accepted November 1966. The flag was created by Grantley W. Prescod. His design was selected from 1,029 submissions to a public, national competition, which was conducted by the Barbadian Government.

Description and meaning of the flag of Barbados

The national flag of Barbados is a tricolor in the colors ultramarine blue, golden yellow (an orange tone) and ultramarine blue.

In the middle of a black trident of the sea god Neptune is depicted with a broken leg. He symbolizes the independence of the island to British colonial rule and is derived from the old colonial arms. Simultaneously, the connectedness of Barbados is expressed with the sea. Each tip of the trident symbolizes one of the principles of democracy, the government of, for and by the people.

The color ultramarine blue symbolizes the sky (left strip) and the ocean (right strip), the golden color. The sand on the beaches of Barbados.

History of the Flag of Barbados

Between 1855 and 1958 Barbados used a seal with a figure standing on a chariot pulled by two sea horses and holding a trident. The trident symbolizes the sovereignty of Great Britain over the seas. This label is also found on the flag of the British colony led from the 1885th The design with a blue background and the Union Jack in the upper hoist meets the standard for British possessions.

1958 Barbados received a new coat of arms, which is still in use today. The central element is now a fig tree, a Ficus barbata after whom the island is named, and the two copies of the national flower red Pride of Barbados, an orchid. Supporters are a dolphin and a pelican. Even the flag received this new emblem.

With the independence of Barbados from the West Indies Federation in 1966, received its present Barbados flag. The trident, the ancient symbol of British rule is now broken on the shaft.

Flag Protocol

According to the statutory scheme is to fly the national flag on public buildings and in Trafalgar Square in the capital, Bridgetown every day from six clock in the morning to six in the evening clock. It can also be placed at government buildings and schools, when they are open. After six clock in the evening, the flag may only be used inside buildings.

As a sign of mourning, the flag will be at half-mast. About such a case decided by the Cabinet.

The flag should not be placed with the head down, so with significant downward trident. Except as a sign of distress and suffering.

If the flag is set, it can not contact the ground, or any other object, such as furniture, trees, buildings or vehicles.

Text courtesy of Flaggenlexikon.de

Drei gleich große verikale Streifen (blau, gold, blau) mit einem schwarzen Dreizack auf der goldenen Fläche; der Dreizack repräsentiert die Unabhängigkeit und ein Bruch mit der Vergangenheit unter der Kolonialmacht.


Composer: C. Van Roland Edwards Songwriter: Irving Burgie

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