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Flag Italy

Italy Flag Italy Flag
Italy Flag
Italy Flag
Italy Flag Italy Flag

Italy Flag

Italy Flag

Italian Republic (Repubblica Italiana)
301,277 km²
2:3 (height x width)


Meaning and origin of the Italy-Flag:

The flag of Italy is in this form since the 28th July 2006 in use.

Appearance and meaning

The national flag is a tricolor with three vertical stripes in green, white and red.

Following a reform of the Berlusconi government, the colors were defined in 2003 by the law for the first time exactly. Instead of the hitherto most used strong colors the green flag was now more lime green (18-5642TC), the now slightly ivory white (11-4201TC) and the slightly paler red (18-1660TC). Based on this definition, there was a violent quarrel between the flag rightist government and the leftist opposition. On 28 July 2006, the colors were therefore re-specified according to the following new Pantone color codes:

- 17-6153TC (green)
- 11-0601TC (white)
- 18-??1662TC (scarlet)

The green stands for the plane, meaning the nature and the countryside. The white stands for the color of the glacier in the Alps. The red stands especially for the blood that was shed in the Italian wars of independence.

Predecessors and development of the national flag

As early as 1797 in Italy appeared the first green-white-red tricolor on the French model. The Transpadanische Republic, a French subsidiary Republic of Napoleon Bonaparte's grace, accepted the flag, which was also by the successor State, the Cisalpine Republic used. 1802 disappeared the tricolor, but was revived in 1848 by the Kingdom of Sardinia, this time with the arms of the House of Savoy in the center. 1861 she was national flag of the newly formed Kingdom of Italy. On 19 June 1946 was the emblem removed from the flag because they feared but at sea of confusion with the flag of Mexico, were on 9 November 1947 respectively inserted a coat of arms in the war flag and in the commercial maritime flag again.

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