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Background knowledge

The flag of Corsica is white and shows in the center a black Moorish head with white headband.The flag is the symbol of all Corsicans.

In Corsican the flag is called "a bandiera testa mora".

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The flag of the state of Corsica is a variant of the French national flag. It consists of a white cross on a blue background, complemented by a central red square. The flag is used as a symbol of Corsica's identity and autonomy, and is a symbol of the Corsicans' struggle for independence. It is also considered a symbol of solidarity and cohesion of the Corsican people.
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The flag of Corsica was first used in the 18th century as a kind of national symbol. It consists of a white cross on a red background and is a symbol of the country's independence. In 1755 it was officially recognized as the flag of Corsica and later used as the official flag of the French department of Corsica. Today it is a symbol of Corsican nationalism.
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The flag of the French state of Corsica shows a white cross on a dark blue background. The white cross arm in the upper right quadrant is longer than the one in the lower left quadrant. In the center of the cross is a red cross on a gold background. It symbolizes the Corsican identity and the link with France. The dark blue background of the flag symbolizes the color of the sea and the skies of Corsica.

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