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Latium / Lazio Flagge 90x150 cm

Latium / Lazio Flagge 90x150 cm

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Background knowledge

The flag of Lazio (Latium) consists of a gold-bordered octagon in which the arms of the provinces of Frosinone, Latina, Rieti and Viterbo are inserted radially, with the arms of the province of Rome joined in the center by a tricolor.

The coat of arms is surrounded by an olive branch and an oak branch, a crown and the inscription "Regione Lazio" in gold on a blue background.

The flag is one of the symbols of the Lazio Region. The flag was created by the Regional Council in 1995, but never made official. Nevertheless, it is often used.

That's what ChatGPT knows about the flag of Latium

This is what an AI says about the Latium flag
The flag of the state of Lazio is a symbol of identity and pride of the region. It consists of a white field, a red cross and five golden stars. Each of the five stars symbolizes one of the five provinces of Lazio.
This is what an AI knows about the history of the Latium flag
The flag of the state of Lazio in the country of Italy is a symbol of the long history of the region. It was first used in 1279, when Pope Nicholas III introduced a banner of St. Peter and Paul as a symbol of the region. The flag was changed several times over the centuries and finally adopted in its current form in 2001.
This is how an AI describes the Latium flag
The flag of the state of Lazio in Italy is green and white. It consists of a white cross on a green background. In the four corners of the cross are four golden stars. These are an allusion to the four provinces of the state of Lazio. The green background symbolizes the landscape and nature of the state.

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