Flag of German Democratic Republic

Flag German Democratic Republic, Banner German Democratic Republic
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Background knowledge

The flag of the German Democratic Republic, like the flags of the Federal Republic of Germany and the Weimar Republic, displayed the colors black-red-gold.

From 1959, the national emblem of the GDR with hammer, compass and ear wreath was located in the center of the color red

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Composer: Hanns Eisler Songwriter: Johannes R. Becher

1. Verse

Risen from ruins

and turned towards the future,

let us serve thee for good,

Germany, united fatherland.

Old adversity is to be forced

and we force them together,

for we must succeed

that the sun shines more beautifully than ever

shines over Germany.

2. Strophe

Happiness and peace be granted

Germany, our fatherland.

All the world longs for peace,

Reach out your hand to the nations.

If we unite as brothers,

we will defeat the enemy of the people.

Let the light of peace shine,

that never again a mother

weeps for her son.

3. Verse

Let us plow, let us build,

learn and create as never before,

and trusting in our own strength,

a free race rises up.

German youth, best striving

of our people united in you,

you will be Germany's new life.

And the sun, more beautiful than ever

shines over Germany.

That's what ChatGPT knows about the flag of German Democratic Republic

This is what an AI says about the German democratic flag
The historical flag of the German Democratic Republic was introduced in 1949 and was the official flag of the GDR until 1990. It symbolized the socialist character of the state and was a symbol of the unity of workers and farmers. The flag was an important symbol of the GDR and was often displayed in public buildings and at demonstrations.
This is what an AI knows about the history of the German democratic flag
The flag of the German Democratic Republic was officially introduced on October 7, 1949. It consisted of a red background with a golden hammer and compass and a black bar in the middle, which stood for the unity of the working class. The red and gold colors symbolized the revolutionary movement that had contributed to the founding of the GDR. The black bar represented the unity of labor and science.
This is how an AI describes the German democratic flag
The historical flag of the German Democratic Republic consisted of a red-white-red stripe pattern. In the center was a golden hammer and compass, symbolizing the working class. The hammer and compass were surrounded by a golden ring symbolizing the unity of the nation.

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