Flag of North Korea

Flag North Korea, Banner North Korea
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National flag on land and sea
Korea, North
122.762 km²
North Korean won (KPW)
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Three horizontal stripes (blue, red in triple height, blue; the red stripe is outlined in white; on the side of the flagpole is a white disc with a red five-pointed star.


The blue stripes of the flag symbolize independence and peace. The red ribbon and the red star symbolize communism and the communist revolution. White symbolizes purity.


Composer: 김원균 (Kim Wŏn’gyun) Songwriter: 박세영 (Pak Seyŏng)

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This is what an AI says about the North korean flag
The national flag of North Korea is also known as the Uniflag. It was introduced on September 8, 1948 and is a symbol of socialism and communism. The flag is a symbol of the unity of the people and the state and also represents the progress of the country.
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The North Korean national flag, also known as Taegeukgi, was first introduced in 1948. It features a red symbol on a white background, symbolizing the harmony of yin and yang. The four square parts of the symbol represent the four elements: earth, water, fire and air.
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The national flag of North Korea is a black, white and red triangle with a blue sun on one side and a red sun on the other. The red sun represents the Korean tribe and the blue line symbolizes the Korean Workers' Party. The three colors red, white and black represent the ideals of revolution, freedom and equality.