Flag of Colombia

Flag Colombia, Banner Colombia
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National flag on land and official flag at sea
1.141.000 km²
South America
Colombian peso (COP)
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Three horizontal stripes, the top of which is double width; colors: blue and red.


Composer: Oreste Sindici Songwriter: Rafael Núñez

That's what ChatGPT knows about the flag of Colombia

This is what an AI says about the Colombian flag
The flag of Colombia was adopted on November 26, 1861. It is a combination of the flags of the Republic of Gran Colombia and the Republic of New Granada. The flag symbolizes the unity of Colombia and represents the freedom and independence of the country. The national flag of Colombia is a symbol of Colombian national pride and patriotism.
This is what an AI knows about the history of the Colombian flag
The first Colombian flag was used in 1811 and consisted of a yellow cross on a blue background. In 1821, the flag was changed to a tricolor flag, consisting of three stripes in red, yellow and blue. In 1834, the flag was changed again to have a white center containing the Colombian Coat of Arms. Since then, the flag has not changed and is still used today as the national flag of Colombia.
This is how an AI describes the Colombian flag
The national flag of Colombia consists of three horizontal stripes in yellow, blue and red. In the center of the blue stripe is a white coat of arms. At the top of the coat of arms is a Phrygian hat with a trident below it. The trident symbolizes independence. Below the coat of arms is a shield colored in red, yellow and black. There is also a lion holding a sword on the shield. The yellow stripe represents the riches of the country, the blue stripe represents freedom and the red stripe represents the blood that flowed for independence.

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