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Yukon Territory
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This is what an AI says about the Yukon Territory flag
The Yukon Territory flag is the official flag of the Canadian province. It was adopted in 1968 and represents the history and culture of the Yukon. The flag features a white cross on a blue background, representing the French discovery and the British conquest of the Yukon.
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The flag of the Yukon Territory was designed in 1967 and consists of a white cross arranged on a blue background. The white cross symbolizes the four major rivers of the territory, while the color blue represents the clear lakes and the endless sky. The star in the center represents the gold discoveries of the territory and symbolizes progress and hope.
This is how an AI describes the Yukon Territory flag
The flag of the Canadian province Yukon Territory is blue-white-red striped. It features a white star in the center surrounded by a red circle. The blue stripe at the top contains a white symbol representing the Northern Lights. The bottom red stripe contains a white flower representing the wildflowers of Yukon Territory.

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