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La Palma
Santa Cruz de la Palma
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This is what an AI says about the La Palma flag
The flag of the state of La Palma in the country of Spain is a vertical tricolor in the colors blue, white and red. It symbolizes the connection of the state with the Spanish state. The flag was officially adopted on March 11, 1983 and is a variant of the flag of the Canary Islands. It is a symbol of the autonomy of the state and its unity with the Spanish state.
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The flag of the state of La Palma was adopted in 1983 and is a combination of the colors blue and gold. It has a blue square in the upper left corner, which contains twelve golden stars representing the twelve municipalities of the state. In the center of the flag is a golden circle that represents the coat of arms of the state of La Palma.
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The flag of the Spanish state of La Palma is green-white-blue. The upper half of the flag is green, followed by a white stripe in the middle and a blue stripe at the bottom. The upper green stripe is covered with a white cross, which continues to bear the state's coat of arms. The coat of arms is a golden sun surrounded by a golden crescent. The crescent is surrounded by eight golden stars.

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