Flag of Kosovo

Flag Kosovo, Banner Kosovo
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Prishtina / Priština
10.908 km²
Albanian and Serbian
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Kosovo ab 2008 Flagge 150x250 cm

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Kosovo ab 2008 Flagge 60x90 cm

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Background knowledge

The flag of Kosovo was adopted on the occasion of the declaration of independence by the Kosovo Parliament on February 17, 2008. Kosovo's coat of arms is also in the same design. "Coat of arms flags" as a national flag have only Switzerland, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Kiribati elsewhere in the world.Description:The flag features six white stars in a slight arc over the golden outline of Kosovo on a blue background. The blue background represents "the hope of the people of Kosovo for integration into the existing Euro-Atlantic structures". The stars represent the ethnic groups of Albanians, Bosniaks, Roma, Serbs, Turks and the rest of the minorities. Other sources assign the sixth star to the Gorans, thus grouping the Ashkali and Kosovar groups with the Roma. Official sources give the gold of the flag as a brownish tone, while most flags in general use are a bright yellow.Kosovo is formally under UN administration (UNMIK), which is why the flag of the United Nations has been officially used since then. Since Kosovo did not officially adopt its own flag until the day of its declaration of independence, the Kosovo Albanians used the flag of Albania as the symbol of their ethnic group both before and during the celebrations of the declaration of independence. The Kosovo Serbs, in turn, raise the flag of Serbia.(Wikipedia)


Composer: Mendi Mengjiqi

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