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Background knowledge

The Stuttgart flag shows the city's coat of arms on a black and gold flag web.

The coat of arms shows the "Stuttgarter Rössle", a rising black horse on a golden background. The horse goes back to the former stud farm. In the course of time, the horse depiction was changed several times.

Stuttgart is known for the New Castle, as the home of Mercedes and Porsche (Zuffenhausen) and the neighboring Cannenstatter Wasen.

That's what ChatGPT knows about the flag of Stuttgart

This is what an AI says about the Stuttgart flag
The flag of the city of Stuttgart is a white square with a golden city coat of arms in the center. It was officially introduced in 1971 and is a symbol of the city and its citizens. The coat of arms is a symbol of the long and rich history and culture of the city and represents the unity and solidarity of its citizens.
This is what an AI knows about the history of the Stuttgart flag
The flag of the city of Stuttgart was first used in 1871. It consists of two stripes in black and gold with a red coat of arms in the middle. Since 2014, the flag is officially recognized as the city flag.
This is how an AI describes the Stuttgart flag
The flag of the city of Stuttgart in the state of Germany, Baden-Württemberg, is black-red-gold. It consists of three horizontal stripes of the same size, with the upper and lower stripes being black and the middle stripe being red-gold. The colors black, red and gold symbolize the unity of Germany.

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