Flag of Lebanon

Flag Lebanon, Banner Lebanon
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National flag on land and sea
10.452 km²
Arabic, French approved as additional official language
Lebanese pound (LBP)
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Three horizontal stripes (red, white double height, red) with a green cedar tree in the center of the white stripe.


The two red bands symbolize the sacrifices of the people in the struggle for freedom and independence; white symbolizes peace. The green tree in the center of the flag is the 'Cedar Tree of Lebanon', a symbol of this country since the times of King Solomon about 2,000 years ago. The cedar tree symbolizes bliss, prosperity, holiness, eternity and strength.


Composer: واضح صبرا‎ (Wadih Sabra) Songwriter: رشيد نخلة (Rachid Nakhlé)

That's what ChatGPT knows about the flag of Lebanon

This is what an AI says about the Lebanese flag
The flag of Lebanon consists of two equal horizontal stripes in red and white, separated by a green cedar branch emblem in the middle. The red stripe represents the blood sacrifices given in the struggle for the country's independence. The white stripe symbolizes the purity of the Lebanese people. The green cedar branch emblem is a symbol of the country and is considered a sign of peace and independence.
This is what an AI knows about the history of the Lebanese flag
The Lebanese national flag was introduced in 1943 and consists of a white band surrounded by two red stripes of equal width. The white and red stripes symbolize the different religious groups in Lebanon. The white stripe represents the Christian population and the red stripe represents the Muslim population. In the center of the flag is a green cedar branch, symbolizing the connection to the ancient Lebanese culture.
This is how an AI describes the Lebanese flag
The national flag of Lebanon consists of two equally divided horizontal stripes in the colors red and white. The upper stripe is red and the lower stripe is white. In the center of the flag is a green cedar coat of arms. This coat of arms symbolizes the strength and independence of Lebanon.

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