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The flag of Melbourne (Victoria, Australia) is white with a red cross (St. George) in the center. In the center of the cross it shows a royal crown.In the four corners it shows:top left: a fur hanging on a hooktop right: a black bull standing on a hillbottom left: a whale swimming in the seabottom right: a three-master sailing ship with full sails

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The flag of the city of Melbourne was officially introduced on August 8, 1969. It is a blue flag with a white cross symbolizing the four settlements in the city area. In addition, the flag represents the four districts of the city of Melbourne, also known as "Greater Melbourne".
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The flag of the city of Melbourne was introduced in 1842. It consists of a white cross on a blue background surrounded by four golden stars. Each star represents one of the four founding members of the city. The flag is a symbol of the unity and loyalty of Melbourne's citizens. It is also a symbol of the progress and development of the city.
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The flag of the city of Melbourne in the country of Australia is white, blue and red. It consists of a white background with a blue cross in the center surrounded by four red stars. The upper left star represents the Aborigines, the upper right star represents Victoria, the lower left star represents the Commonwealth and the lower right star represents the city of Melbourne.

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